Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t the video play?

To play the video material on Open Images, we highly recommend using Firefox or another modern web browser with HTML5 video support. This makes it possible to view the video material on the platform instantly within the browser, without having to install additional plug-ins.

Why Creative Commons?

One of the central goals of Open Images is to stimulate the reuse of archive material and other audiovisual content. All the content on Open Images is therefore available under one of the six Creative Commons licenses. For that reason it is not possible to add content to Open Images while reserving all rights.

This means that all the content on Open Images can be freely reused for non-commercial purposes. Some licenses also allow commercial reuse and/or making of derivative works (like remixes).

You can choose a Creative Commons license when uploading a file to Open Images. To stimulate the creative reuse of material on Open Images, we recommend the use of the Creative Commons – Attribution-Share Alike license (which is also used for our own material) or the Creative Commons – Attribution license. Material that has been published under one of these two licenses can for example also be used on a free knowledge platform like Wikipedia.

More information on the different Creative Commons licenses can be found here.

How does attribution work?

All the content provided on Open Images can be reused under the conditions of the Creative Commons license it is shared under. An abstract of the license conditions is available for every media item on Open Images (click on License below a video to view the license conditions).

All six Creative Commons licenses require the attribution of the original producer (copyright holder), a link to his or her website (if available) and stating the license conditions. In the case of a media items from Open Images this means that you have to provide the following information with every reuse of the material:

•    the name of the creator (the Open Images username that is given with the item) and a link to the user page of the creator.
•    the license with a link to the license conditions on the Creative Commons website

Below is a correct way to attribute a file (when using the video at

video: <a href="">Beeld en Geluid</a> licensed under a <a href="">Creative Commons - Attribution Share Alike license</a>