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Fatty's Chance Acquaintance

Comic developments surrounding the character of Fatty.


Comic developments surrounding the character of Fatty. Fatty is sitting in the park with his wife, when he sees a pretty girl. Fatty is sitting with his wife in a park. He wants to drink a cola, but his stingy wife forbids this, and instead sends him to the water fountain to quench his thirst. Once there, Fatty bumps into another man. This other man then sits next to Fatty's wife, and steals money from her purse. Meanwhile, Fatty sees a pretty girl, the girlfriend of the other man, and begins to flirt with her. The two of them go to an ice cream parlour. To pay the bill, Fatty has taken his wife’s purse with him, but this purse turns out to be empty; he has to leave the girl behind while he goes to sort out the money. Meanwhile, an older policeman and the cola merchant are chasing down the thief. Eventually Fatty bumps into the thief, and borrows some coins from him to pay for the ice cream. The thief sees Fatty paying for the ice cream, and gets angry when he sees his girlfriend with Fatty. After a fight, Fatty throws the thief out on the street. But then Fatty's wife, who ran after the thief, finds out that Fatty had been flirting with the other woman. She knocks this woman out. The thief watches all of this with a smile, until he is hit in the back of the head by the policeman, who then takes him away.

Arbuckle, Roscoe 'Fatty' (director) / Keystone Film (producer)
Publication date:
1 January 1915


Durfee, Minta (actor)
McCoy, Harry (actor)
Hayes, Frank (actor)
Arbuckle, Roscoe 'Fatty' (actor)
Bennett, Billie (actor)
Original format:
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