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End of the game, The

A silent Western about a love story that takes place during the gold rush.


A silent Western about a love story that takes place during the gold rush. The gold prospector Burke Allister falls in love with Mary, who believes the slanderous lies that have been spread about Burke by his competitor. When Mary desperately wants to plunge into the abyss, Burke is there just in time to save her. Frank Miller and his sister arrive in the California gold town of Brazo, where Frank is “undressed” in the gambling den of his arch-villain Dan Middleton. The gentleman gambler Burke Allister wins Frank's money back, but Frank is shot by Faro Ed, who is then shot by Burke. Burke and Mary flee, and start panning for gold, until one of Middleton’s henchmen makes false accusation about Burke to Mary. Mary believes the lies. When she gets imjured, Burke drives back to Brazo to find a doctor, but is put in prison, while Middleton convinces Mary to sell her claim to him and leave town. Burke escapes, and is just in time to prevent Mary from having to choose between Middleton and the abyss. Eventually, it is the villain himself who falls into the depths.

Hampton, Jesse D. (director) / Jesse D. Hampton Productions (producer)
Publication date:
31 снежня 1918


Kerrigan, J. Warren (actor)
Wilson, Lois (actor)
Whitman, Alfred (actor)
Richardson, Jack (actor)
Field, George (actor)
Ross, Milton (actor)
Perry, Walter (actor)
Fair, Eleanor (actor)
Appling, Bert (actor)
Franz, Joseph (actor)
Original format:
eye film instituut nederland