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Stay'in alive in Jo'burg

Johannesburg is the largest economic metropolis in Africa. Downtown Johannesburg, however, is one of the world's most violent places. Most offi ce buildings have been vacated or squatted and are occupied by various groups of illegal Africans from neighbouring countries. Thousands of fortune seekers are trying to build a new life in this anarchist urban jungle. Meanwhile, the city is preparing for the World Cup soccer 2010, an important opportunity for Johannesburg to present itself to the world. The city centre needs to be cleaned up, and everything is being done to make sure that this major event will run smoothly. But will it succeed? And what will be the consequences for the thousands of immigrants in the city center? Rob Schröder visited Johannesburg repeatedly since January 2008 to document the changes. Is it possible to control this city of hope and fear, and to transform its center into a safe and acceptable place to live? And how does anyone survive in Johannesburg at all?

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12 чрвеня 2011


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