Expert bag punching

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A man stands on a stage with a painted backdrop of a forest, as if performing a vaudeville act. To the right of the frame is a sign on an easel identifying him as "Gus Keller, Novelty Bag Puncher, New Polo A.A." To the left of the frame is a rack of various punching bags, topped by American flags and a sign identifying the particular skill being exhibited. Keller stands near a large metal frame for the suspended bag being worked, which is also topped with waving American flags. Rather than sporting attire, Keller wears light-colored slacks, shirt, and shoes, with a dark tie tucked in his shirt front and a pair of gloves tucked at his waist. He proceeds to demonstrate seven types of exhibition bag punching, each in separate scenes as described below that are edited together with dissolves.

Single: single suspended bag worked with hands, forearms, and elbows -- Knee: single bag worked off the floor with knees and, occasionally, knuckles -- Floor: single floor bag worked with hands -- Double: single suspended bag worked with hands and single floor bag punched with knees simultaneously -- Aerial: bag suspended from the ceiling rather than the frame worked with hands and elbows -- Triple: one suspended bag worked by each hand and single floor bag worked with knees simultaneously -- Double Floor: two floor bags worked with hands, forearms, and elbows.

Filmed July 20, 1903 in the Biograph New York City studio.

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American Mutoscope and Biograph Company
27 juli 1903


G.W. &quot
Bitzer (camera)
Gus Keller (performer)
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